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Review of Freakonomics.

As an English teacher in a secondary school the first thing you do at the beginning of a new year is hastily scan your class lists for any mention of a Wayne, Duane or Chantelle, as ultimately these pupils will be the ones that will cause the most disruptions in lessons, creating chaos wherever they go and leaving a trail of distraught, hairless teachers in their path. On the other hand, any signs of a Sarah, Joshua or Bethany and you can rest assured that these little treasures will be the highlight of your day; the reason for getting up out of your warm, comfortable bed repeatedly every morning to teach your beloved subject.

So why do we make these assumptions about people based on their names? And in doing so, do we cause them to behave in the manner in which we expect? What is really in a name and would a pupil by any other name smell as sweet? Such social economic issues are explored in Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner's book: Freakonomics, where such moral, social and political concepts are investigated through the medium of economics. They put forward suggestions about the way we live our lives and the affect we have on others using economics as a basis for almost predicting the cause of some of mankind's most fundamental actions. Cheating teachers, racial discrimination and the rates of crime in society are just some of the controversial topics discussed and explored in the book. Even if you don't believe in their justifications, this book is certainly an interesting read and will make you revise your decisions and understanding of our world in a different way. The sequel to Freakonomics is rumoured to be in the process of being written, so read the first one now.


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